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Intelligent Quality control system


Industry 4.0 standards-driven system for smart quality management of welding processes

A three-component system using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms running in the background to analyse and predict errors in technology and manufacuturing, serving as an intelligent tool for quality controllers and engineers.

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Improve communication betwean quality inspectors and engineers and enhance their effectiveness.


All reports, quality data and analyzes stored in one place.

Smart analysis

Background analysis of quality and trends.

Data acquisition

Acquisition of validated quality control data

Real-time status preview

Monitor the current state of production on the basis of post-inspection product release.


Simple planing of quality control with user friendly interface.


Automatization of inspection and quality control raports.


Generate visualizations of acquired and analysed data.

Failures prediction

Experience the artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for prediction of technology and manufacturing failures

Mobile device for quality inspection

Every trustworthy system for process analysis needs validated and segregated data in order to draw correct conclusions. This is why our solutions are based on a solid foundation that allows for the acquisition and validation of quality data. To achieve that we offer a tool for quality inspectors that helps them to validate and communicate the information about products quality in a simple and effective way. Validation is done by comparison to the client’s (or normative’s) quality standard which frees them from the interpretation of results burden. At the same time, solid data about products quality is acquired and archived. We believe that only valid quality control data, which gives information about every quality deterministic factor, has the potential to be utilized for a correct judgement of products quality.

Cloud data storage and analysis

To provide an effective space for quality analysis, we decided to build our system with cloud technology. We believe that this is the best solution for quality data management as it allows for archivisation, segregation, visualization and, crucial for the system’s usefulness, data analysis. Our goal is to implement artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data algorithms to our cloud solution to bring the best performance and effectiveness of quality management tools to our clients. With that in mind, we believe that we can detect prematurely almost every possible welding quality threat (not only welding parameters) as our data from quality control will allow us to perform a multifactorial analysis of gathered information about detected deviations (incompatibilities). This approach is aimed at looking into welding production (technology approach) as a whole and judging its effectiveness in terms of quality.

Desktop application

To ensure easy access to information obtained from quality control, we have created an ergonomic solution for working with quality engineers. Our desktop software allows you to manage data and the cloud on an ongoing basis, and also allows you to easily plan the quality control process by entering CAD models, drawing documentation and quality requirements into the cloud. This allows for the improvement of ergonomics, organization and work efficiency of both engineers and quality controllers. What’s more, through user segmentation, the application can also be accessed by customers ordering a given product, managers or production planners, which will allow them to view the quality status and implementation of a given production process on a current basis.

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